If you know of some other useful links, please let us know.

NMRA standards and recommended practices (see especially S-1.1, S-3.1, S-4.1 and RP-25).

P4 track and wheel standards.

The Proto 87 discussion forum at Yahoo Groups.

The Australian Proto 87 modellers’ forum at Yahoo Groups.

The Canadian website.

The Scalefour Society -- UK P4 activities and the background to Proto modelling. Includes a forum.

The 2mm Scale Association, which has a long history of promoting the smallest practical fine-scale standard.

Proto 87 on Facebook (only accessible if you’re in Facebook®).

NSW-based Ian Millard’s Proto 87 blog.

The “VR Days” blog of Victorian-born Julian Watson, based in Canada.

The idea-laden blog of the Central London Area Group of the Scalefour Society (P4).

The blog of the Sydney Area Group of the Scalefour Society (P4).

Articles in Model Railroader magazine (fees apply): ‘Roque Bluffs’, an October 2003 article by British modeller Iain Rice about his US P87 layout (the first of a series that ran for several months in the magazine); ‘Proto:Scale’ (November 1988); and ’The Pennsy in Britain’ (May 2003). Ten articles, including the complete Roque Bluffs series, are also downloadable under the theme ‘Getting started in Proto:87 modeling’.

Andy Reichert's Proto:87 Stores and Accurate track emporium -- a mail-order source for Proto 87 components.

NorthWest Short Line -- Proto 87 wheels and parts.

Alan Gibson Model Railway Products catalogue (especially wheels to P4 standards -- see note about “S4” wheels).

Micro Engineering Company’s rail products.

Kadee No. 58 ‘scale’ couplers.

The annual ‘Modelling the Railways of South Australia’ Convention, which has greatly invigorated the modelling of local railways.

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